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Nonreturn Check Valve

Our Check/Non-Return Valves are designed and manufactured according to BS1868. Check Valves as popularly known in the Piping System in all fields are considered very critical in its application. Function of Check Valve is to prevent the reverse flow of fluid in case of failure or sudden shut-down of Piping System. The Sealing efficiency, therefore, is a very critical aspect of Check Valves.

We Check Valves are provided with properly guided Swing Disc through a Hinge. The Hinge and swivel Disc are connected maintaining sufficient flexibility for smooth and efficient sealing. Our Check Valves are available with Metal-to-Metal Sealing for High Temperature and Pressure, Soft Sealing for Pneumatic and Vacuum applications. The design ensures the Valves function smoothly with a very nominal differential pressure from either side. The disc is designed so compact and light weight to ensure minimum pressure drop across the Valve.

Our Check Valves are available in varied materials like Cast Iron, Cast Carbon Steel, Cast Stainless Steel of all Grades, High Alloy Steels like Alloy-20, CD4MCu., Hastelloy etc. Manufacturing range commences in size from 50NB through 600NB; in Pressure Rating from ANSI 125# through 1500#.

Non Return /Check Valve - Techanical Specification
Size Range
50 NB through 300 NB
Pressure Rating
ANSI - 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
Swing/ Lift
End Connection
Flanged/ Butt Weld
Automatic with return pressure
Port Opening
Integral/ Renewable/ Weld deposited
Gasket & Packing
PTFE/ Graphite/ Asbestos/ Spiral wound/ Ring joint
Refer Material Chart
Design Code
BS 1868
BS 5146
3rd Party/ Client/ Manufacturer

Varity of Check Valve:

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